Scotland House Balloon Ride Raffle 2021

                   Your Bucket List Balloon Ride!                    Here’s your Chance!

Support The Scotland House Adult Day Care and Wellness, where we SHARE THE CARE by purchasing your “Scotland House Balloon Ride Raffle 2021” tickets today!

Enter for your chance to win one of two 40 – 50 minute


during the Quechee Hot Air Balloon Festival Labor Day weekend, September 3rd – 5th.
If rides are not possible on September 3rd-5th alternative dates will be made available to the winners.


1 FOR $20 … 3 FOR $40 … 6 FOR $80

Drawing will take place at random on Friday, August 20th. If your ticket is chosen in either of the two drawings you will be notified by phone and or email.

Purchase Tickets


The Scotland House will mail you your tickets once purchased. 

Hot Air Balloon Ride will take place on Saturday, September 4th at 6:00 pm. You will be asked to arrive one hour before scheduled take off. The actual ride is between 40 – 50 minutes. However, the whole experience will take about 2 hours. You will have a chance to meet your pilot and crew before the flight; you might even be asked to help inflate the balloon. During the flight, your balloon will be followed by its “chase vehicle” that stays in radio contact with your pilot. On landing, you will have the opportunity to participate in the age-old tradition of sharing a bottle of champagne with passengers. You might be asked to help roll up the “envelope” (the actual balloon) and store it in the basket. The chase vehicle then will transport you back to your starting point. 

The number of passengers that can ride at one time is dependent on the size of the basket and by total weight. Balloonist can typically fly between two and six people at one time. 

All passengers will be required to wear a mask during the entire flight and present their COVID vaccination card at registration. **Subject to change.**

If the flight is cancelled due to weather conditions we will do our best to book you another flight. You must be present at the time of your ride to be issued a rescheduled ride.