The Scotland House, located in Quechee, VT, is a community-based adult day program.  We provide much needed respite and support to families and caregivers of someone age 60 and above, who is aging at home or for someone who has early onset dementia. We Share The Care with our Upper Valley Community and provide services for both Vermont and New Hampshire residents.

We have eliminated potential elderly abuse, and we have brought smiles to faces of people prone to depression and loneliness. Our participants enjoy meals together, receive dignified assistance with personal care, enjoy an atmosphere of acceptance, and get to have fun. Their relationships with their families and caregivers are enriched by the Scotland House program. 

Our Mission Statement:  To care for vulnerable, valued clients and to provide support by helping them maintain a viable presence within their community and with their loved ones.  To support each caregiver of those in the program by providing respite, relief, and an enhanced relationship with the person for whom they care.

At this time our program is in the process of reopening for in person services.   Updates are provided on our Participant Services page

We are open for participants Monday-Friday from 7:30AM-5:00PM .   The Scotland House does not offer transportation services as this time.  

For more information or to request to be added to our mailing list please call us at 802-280-6080 or email us at info@scotlandhousevt.org.